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We invested in wall art rather than a photograph!

“We invested in wall art rather than a photograph”

My wife and I have invested in “wall at” which now has pride of place, on the two chimney breasts in our lounge and dining room at home.

It’s called wall art because it came out of a chance meeting in a shopping centre, which resulted in hours of planning, and a two-hour photo shoot at a professional studio in Eton.

The photo shoot was absolutely incredible, and I've never experienced anything like it; professional studio, professional lighting and an extremely creative and inventive professional photographer.

If you have followed me on social media, you’ll understand that our married life and family have been defined by 2 things. Firstly, following on from my career as a musician, music has been a massive part of my life, and it has been part of all of our lives for both my wife (Claire) and my daughter (Georgina).

The second thing that's defined us as a family is dance, especially ballroom and Latin and you may have seen posts about this on Facebook. Claire and I are avid dancers, and Georgina is a qualified Ballroom and Latin dance teacher and now runs her own dance school. When the time allows us, we all were dancing together and for the last 12 weeks Claire and I have also been learning to tap dance.

 So you can see why we structured the photo shoot around those two activities.

We have all been taken aback by these stunning collages of our family life and last Sunday we met with Claire’s cousin and family. They know what we do as a family, and they know how passionate we are about music and about dance and set about explaining to them how the whole process worked and about what we created as a result of it.

I could sense that they couldn’t see our enjoyment in it and were sceptical and critical of anyone spending thousands of pounds on such a venture.

So, what was it that made us invest a considerable sum of money in this experience, yet others saw it as a waste of time and money?

The same is true of our business and the products we deliver.  What compels our client to make the purchase?

It doesn't matter whether it's a technology, creative or marketing product, our motivation to invest time and money in one product over another comes from within us; what is it though?

For my family, the photographs tell a story, they document and record for posterity the story of our lives and the values that bind us together like glue.

Values are a core component in our motivation, they are unique to us and when you meet a group, be it a family like ours, or a team that are in tune with each other, motivated and on fire, they all share similar values.

It’s when the value of our product, serves and matches our personal values that we make the connection; people buy emotionally.

One of the most empowering exercise you can do, is to understand your own motivation is to have your own values documented.

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