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This aint’ procrastination, it’s just normal!


Have you ever sat at your desk first thing in the morning and opened your to do list, wherever it’s stored and thought, ugh! Where do I begin?

It’s a universal problem, especially for those delivering technical products and solutions. The big question though, is how do you overcome it?

Undoubtedly as ‘tech leader’ you are faced with an ever-growing task list, new technologies to implement, demands from your manager, directors, stakeholders, oh and please remember your personal life too, so where do you begin.

The Big Procrastination Problem

The big problem is that whenever you do something repeatedly it becomes a habit. Now habits are great when they are positive, you know, like playing the piano or learning to drive after all, it’s through new (good) good habits that we are able to learn and change.

What about the negative ones though?

The Procrastination Trigger

Every habit is triggered by a decision usually driven by an event. In this case the sitting at the desk and opening the to do list.

Oops! That’s two triggers.

So, let’s blow the negative triggers out, and here are three was to do that and bust the procrastination

3 Procrastination Trigger Busting Steps

Step #1: Break the Main Trigger

Simply break the trigger, change your seat, move your desk, sit somewhere else. It’s sitting in that seat, in that position that is triggering your procrastination.


Because you’ve created a bad habit and you know, that when you sit there it’s time to be unproductive and time to procrastinate.

Step #2: Bin the to-do List

What, bin the to do list! My list is my life.

Even if you’re reluctant to bin the to-list right now, then change it, do it somewhere different and break the trigger.

Step #3: Create Smaller items

One of the biggest causes of procrastination as I mentioned in Episode #1 of the Productivity Show, was the size of the items on your list. Just like you can’t eat an elephant in one bite, you will find it impossible to complete one task if it’s a big one, and impossible to complete quickly and easily.

Genius Tip

As Al Einstein said (and he was a genius), “keep doing the same old things, you’ll get the same old results”. It’s insane and no way to lead your life.

Just push the procrastination to one side, power through it. Do one thing only and make it one thing that will make a difference to your day; something that you can complete.

Next Success Steps

Let me start with a question? Has this helped you to overcome procrastination and focus more on the real task in hand?

It has, good!

Then you can get even more tips like this to help you become even more productive through my series of Procrastination and Productivity busting tips. I guarantee they are small, easily digestible and to the point.

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