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The Times They Are a-changin

Are you one of those people that are less than 100% satisfied with your life?

Back in 1964 Bob Dylan, that legendary American songwriter, a song that is now world-famous, and has been recorded by many different artists. The title of that song was, “The Times They Are a-changin’”.

And there’s no better time to change the now.

One thing I’ve discovered in nearly 30 years of managing change, both at a corporate project level and on a personal transformation level, is that people say they are fearful of change. The reality is that they are fearful of the loss that might ensue from that change.

As a hypnotherapist, I’ve worked with many people on a personal change level, which means helping them get rid of unwanted habits and behaviours. Those sessions also address what they are going to do once they’ve let go of this habit or behaviour that they don’t want any many cases it’s something as deep-seated as having smoked for 20-30 years.

The most important point about this story though is that they have taken action, because it’s only when we take action can we actually make changes in our life.

All too frequently we find ourselves at a crossroads in life where we have to either make that decision either to stay as we are and endure the consequences, or to make what might seem at the time, a monumental change.

So my question to you today is simple.

What’s the one thing that you would change in your life today, to make your life more about the things that you do want, rather than things that you don’t want?

Now of course you might find it quite difficult to express what you do want as some people only always express what they don’t want rather than what they do want. One of the best ways to address that problem is to speak with somebody qualified and experienced in dealing with that personal change and transformation, so go to:

and book a completely free discovery session with me and let’s get to the bottom of what you do want and the changes that you want to change in your life or your business

p.s. Who else do you know that is unhappy with their life how it is and wants to make that change? Do them a favour and forward this email to them.

Chris Hallett

Chris is a Project Management Consultant and after over 25 years of running Project, Programmes & PMO has now turned his attention to helping other Project Professionals build high performing project teams. As an author, speaker and coach Chris has worked with many people one a 1-1 basis as well as in corporate life. To book a 1-1 Success call with Chris, go to:

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