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The Productivity Show: your Life Purpose

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00:00                            Hello and welcome to this week's productivity show. And apologies for being just a few minutes late. Had a slight hiccup just as about to go live. You might just see me briefly, um, flush up on the screen because I forgot the earphones and have just approved that we're all human. And so here we are, uh, productivity show and that this only, we're talking about how to stay on track and on purpose. And you may have seen earlier on today that I'd posted a graphic which has five steps in a ring and a circle. And this for me is very much, it's a bit like electricity in this country. In England. Uh, we have three phase electricity, which means that in our standards, 13 amp plug, we have three wires, we have a live, we have a neutral, and we have an earth and we have to have all three wires present. Otherwise, whatever device we have plugged the won't work, just like the 5 step process I take people through.

01:26                            Whilst each one of them stands alone in its own right. They all need to be present. One so that we can achieve our goals. But secondly, so that we remain on track and on purpose. Now the five steps are our beliefs, our values, our purpose, which is where we're going to focus tonight, our vision, and also our goals. So one of the things I hear, lots of people, uh Oh, hi Nikki. Thanks for that piece of feedback. And yes, I thought about what you said last week. Um, I've been experimented with different microphones. I've got 'em, big Blue Yeti external microphone, which, um, on this, um, I've also swept through windows to a Mac book. Um, and for some reason it's been playing up with the MAC book. So I've, I've gone back to the good old fashioned, um, iPhones and a small microphone. So going back to the, the, the five steps, one of the things that, um, I hear a lot is people struggle to do, is  to achieve their goals.

02:36                            here's a multitude of reasons why that is, but what I want to talk to you about tonight is this thing called purpose. And this is one of the mechanism with the people to help say now there's two purposes to your life purpose. One is enabled us to keep track and stay on track of what we're doing. Um, but it's also a means to us for us to stay true to achieving our goals. So this process is called my true life purpose and it's a process and it is a process cause there's a series of steps to go through and it's a process that I discovered probably about six or seven years ago when I did all my training again in NLP and hypnosis. And your true life purpose is, it's a series of questions that you or answer for each phase of your life.

03:44                            What happens at the end of it is you come out with it with a statement that defines your purpose in life. Now the interesting thing for me is that just prior to actually discovering the being trained in this process, I was working, I was working in Essex in an engineering company. It was a big it project to implement a new method of working, of delivering projects and the new program management tool. So it's a very sophisticated piece of software. If you never used Microsoft project, it's a server based version and doing lots of training. I was training project managers, not just in how to use that tool, but how to follow the process that we developed about how they're going to go through the change, but also as teaching them how to plan. Because a lot of project managers, all that, they'd been running projects for a long while.

04:46                            It was probably structure with a lot of business owners. They've never actually been taught how to plumb. So I was standing up in front of groups of 10 or 15 people several times a week training and the, the light bulb came on in my head and I thought, I actually enjoy doing this for the first time in my life. Being a trainer and also doing presentations was exciting me and I was motivated by it. So wind the clock forward probably about a year, 18 months, and I went through this process of being taught and also defining my true life purpose. And what came out of it for me was a statement that went something like this. So my true life purpose is me being the best that I can be to help you be the best that you can be. Now, I'll sense fairly innocuous, but the truth of the matter is every time I do something that purpose, let's say my phone, you does it fit my vision.

06:01                            It feels as uncomfortable as if I was wearing somebody else's shoes. Now, if every, if you ever warn somebody else's shoes, you'll know exactly what that feels like. Yes, there might be the same size, but there's something about them that doesn't quite fit. Now, the one thing I know about where were at and when I work is if there's an element of training involved or standing up presenting and coaching like I'm doing now, then I'm incredibly fired up, motivated and eager to do it, which is why if I take on a piece of work, it has to have those elements in it. Couple of years ago I found myself working at Heathrow airport, which is a very prestigious organization and I was part of a baggage transformation program. This was a half a billion pound program to transform the whole way that Heathrow managers baggage from the time that you check in to the time that the bugs get onto the outer plane. An incredible piece of work. But the job I was asked to do is very mechanical. It was very procedural. Um, it was all about streamlining the reporting process, but because of this purpose that I have around helping other people get better, um, both in a healing way, but also in a chain.

07:35                            And I saw the color pallets. It was a six month work, but the bulk of my time I didn't have a lot to do. So I got very bored, very distracted. And when he actually came to doing the job I've been employed to do, my motivation was low and I was very easily distracted from the task because it didn't fit my purpose. So that purpose enables us one to stay on track. Because when you put all of this piece of the Jigsaw together, you have your beliefs, you have your values, you've defined your life purpose. You've created this powerful vision of where you want to be in the future. And you've defined your goals because they all sit together. Although it represented in, in a, in a circle or a whale, it actually fits together little bit like a pyramid where if you invert the pyramid, all of those things support each other.

08:39                            Each one stands up in its own right that they are all interlinked and help you well stay on track because once you go through this whole process and the last part of the process is defined your goals, this thing up here that the little own conscious mind does everything he can to keep you on track, deliver your vision and living your purpose. I'm about to go away for a couple of days and do a piece of training for one of the government's agencies on the sort of the agile way of delivering projects. And again, because it fits my purpose around helping people get, helping them get better and transform the way they run their part of the business. You know, my motivation levels are up there. Um, it's the question of, you know, did I really want to do it when I was asked? Don't even come into it because it fits exactly the sort of thing that I want to be doing.

09:45                            So what I'm going to do is after this session, I'm going to make available a template that will actually guide you through that process. Now this process works best. If we get on the phone, I want a one or Skype or on zoom and I actually lead you through it. Um, but if you want to take the process, take the template and actually have a stab stomach it yourself and more than happy to, to make that available for you. Just drop a note in the comments box, even if you're watching this on the replay afterwards. And I'll get that template to you as soon as a possibly can. Now I know there's a, a number of people that watch the replay of this, um, because they're all to the side of the Atlantic and a on a different time zone and there's a couple of people.

10:35                            This has also been circulated on Linkedin this afternoon, so there's another couple of people who have asked me if they can get an access to the replay. Um, so obviously if you're hearing Facebook, you're on Facebook, you can get it here, but it's also available on my blog afterwards. Um, but what I'd really like to know in terms of productivity, we've covered a number of things over the last two, three weeks. So we've got another week to go before the next session. What I'd really like to know is what it, what is it that you would like me to cover, uh, that will help you become more productive and help you stay on track and achieve your goals. If you're on the call now and you want to drop that in the comment box, by all means do so, um, otherwise posted after the event. You know, you, we've got up until this time next week for me to have a look at it and uh, prepare ready for next week session. Um, or if there's something completely different that you want to cover. A, you know, a lot of the work I do is, is, is where is this thing here? It's around mindset and about overcoming barriers and how to call today with a lot of, um, in a, in Birmingham because one of the big challenges they have at the moment is they're implementing new systems, new processes, new ways of working is they've got a massive, massive resistance to change in the organization.

12:09                            Okay. Yeah. Hmm. With, yeah. Okay. If that whereabouts that, how you can overcome the resistance to change. Um, and I'm more than happy to cover that on either next week session or one of the subsequent sessions. So by all means, other than next week, if he had queries, questions, then dropped them in the comments box. Or, uh, Joplin was a new post in the Facebook group and I look forward to seeing and speaking with you next week as his Christ's highlight from the productivity show. Thank you very much.


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