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The Business Agile Show #6: Fear of Video


The Agility Show Column (an edited transcript fo the show)

Do you have an inherent fear of video?

More and more people do and yet so many rely on it for marketing, for training and coaching.

I have just spent a wonderful weekend up in Leeds, at Leeds Armoury, which is a huge museum dedicated to many different periods of our history here in England.

My specific area of interest is medieval history and we were participating in a medieval weekend with battles and living history and it was a little bit strange for us because due to the nature of the site, we couldn't actually camp there for the weekend. For this event we stayed in a hotel, which is all very nice, even though not quite authentic.

As is the nature of these events, a lot of the time we get cameras thrust in our face. There are people with video cameras and phones, and we are constantly being filmed and photographed. \

This is one particular area that I want to focus on today and it is the fear around video and public speaking. I've chosen this subject for this week is that I took part in a LinkedIn challenge last week, which was five days creating content, all to be published on LinkedIn to attract your ideal clients, which is a worthy exercise.

Day four was a big challenge for a lot of people because for the first time the people had to make a video, a video like this to camera speaking directly into the camera. It wasn't live like this one, it was recorded. Nevertheless, I see so many people having a massive, massive problem with doing video. And of course, as we know, more and more of the sites we use now allow you to do video. People want to watch video, particularly video with captions and subtitles.

A few years because in my corporate life I spent a lot of time presenting to people, public speaking, training people. In one financial service organizations I ran a regular session like this every month, which was me standing up, talking, answering queries, questions about all sorts of aspects of project management.

There were about between 50 and 70 people in the room the first time I went into it, it was a very scary experience. It was a little bit like a bear pit because they'd had a really horrible experience prior to that, and I was there very much to calm the waters and keep things moving, tell them that we're there to help teach them, train them, but help them on this change journey.

I've also, over the last couple of years, done arena talks at our medieval weekend’s. These are about medieval archery, to a live audience in an arena. The only prop was a microphone, no PowerPoint, no notes, nothing. I one occasion, there were about a thousand people watching. That in itself is a pretty scary experience if you're not used to it.

More and more people are being asked to speak in public, either at an event or at a networking meeting or to stand up and talk about their business and now to go on video and do it. And for a lot of people, as I've seen the videos posted, it is taking people right out of their comfort zone. If you've never done it, one, it can be a very exhilarating experience, but it can also be a very scary one.

I remember about six, seven years ago, the first time that I went live on a Webcam during a session like this I launched my first online program that I recorded and released for project managers. Each one of the five training modules was done live on a Webinar.

If you've ever done these, you'll know that it’s just like being a television presenter. The only difference is in a television studio you've got some people in front of you, the camera man, the soundman, the producer. It’s like I'm doing now, talking directly to you and I can't see you. You can see me, yet I can't see you. And the first time I did this, it completely freaked me out. As I said, I'm used to standing up in, in an office at a training room and training 20-30 people or presenting to 50 or 60 people.

Last year from was a big particular big milestone for me because I got my first ever paid speaking engagement, which was in a hotel, a room with about 30 or 40 professionals in and for the first time I'm actually being paid to speak live and I was very comfortable doing this. The problem for me with speaking to the camera, and as I said, this is one of the big fears I seen people, particularly small business owners who are marketing their business using video, using social media, that they're now going live on video and it is a massive, massive problem for them and it's just as big a problem if you're recording it.

Personally, I love the excitement and the thrill of doing it live. It's like being on stage. You know, if you followed me, you'll know one of my other interests is amateur dramatics. I perform in a concert once a year. We are also stage during a show once a year in front of 300- 400 people. But it's the thrill and the immediacy of being live on stage.

We give’s me a huge buzz, is entertaining the people and likewise doing your live recording, you get one chance to do his one chance to get it right. Yes, we have tools we can edit, we can put captions in and subtitles, we can cut the video up and we can rerecord bits.

What I like to do is give you exactly what was presented on this session. Even if you are watching this on a recording, what you're seeing and hearing is exactly what you saw when we did it live, but people still have this fear and what happens is that fear leads to procrastination. People keep putting it off, putting it off. I'll do it later. I'll do it tomorrow.

When you commit to a regular time slot like I have with this, once you commit to it, it's almost like being on stage.


Because you know you have an audience there. They’ll show up.

You need to show up and you need to deliver something. Now, because of the work I do as a hypnotherapist with business owners, what am able to do is help people get over these things like fears of flying, fear of video, fear of public speaking. You name it, we can help you get over it,

as long as you want to do that.

It's worth pointing out at this point that many, many people will say, I have a phobia about public speaking. I have a phobia about going live on video, so here's the distinction between a phobia and a fear. First of all, fear is usually an irrational fear. Rational fears are things like there's a lion chasing men as a wild animal chasing me. That is a perfectly rational fear to have because if you don't get it away way, it's going to do something nasty to you.

Most fears that business people have or people in general are irrational because there's no logic why you should have this fear.

A phobia is very, very different now and all of my years I've only ever come across one person who had a genuine phobia and this was a guy that I worked with. We were at a dinner one night. There was him, me, and a client and we were talking about injections and needles. You know those things that doctors putting your arms to deliver medication. And this guy, his name is Paul. Paul said to me, he said, you're going to have to stop talking. I said, well, he said, talking about those things. I said, well, no, no, no, no. He said, he said, I can't even hear the word and the word needle or injection was affecting him so badly. As he explained to me that had we continued, he would have been on the floor.

So, a lot of people will talk about having a fear of public speaking. If you can talk about the subject then it's a fear rather than a phobia. Now either way we can still help you get rid of it.

What I see more and more though is people with a fear. So what I want you to think about, and I want some feedback on this in the comments below, is this is all about the fear of public speaking. Now, you might be okay with public speaking and going live on video, but there might be something else that's stopping you dead in your tracks. Something that you know you have to do in your business to make this business work, but it is stopping you because you have this fear.

Now obviously I want to help you overcome that fair. But I want you to think about this.

At some point in your life, you made a decision to have this fear. You might not know exactly when it was, but you weren't born with it. But it's something that developed either between the age of between being born and the age of seven because of a set of circumstances. More often than not, it's actually developed much later in life. But unconsciously you've made this decision to have this thing that we'll call it a fear. So what do I want you to think about is just mentally go back in time and just think about what life was like before you created this thing called fear.

Let me give you another example.

I spent a lot of my early years, about 10 years after I left school, I was in the army as a musician and during my working time, I had a lot of free time. In that time off, got involved in selling insurance. Once a week I would go to our office on a Monday night and greet new people or people who were interested in becoming part of this businesses as sales consultants. I would take them through a basic script about how we worked with the company, what the possibilities were, all that good stuff, like an introductory session. I had no training in public speaking. I led a very sheltered life in the Army because we were told what to do, where to go. But I had no experience of doing this, and there was at the age of about 23, 24, no fear doing it, meeting complete strangers who had walked in off the street in response to a newspaper advert, and delivering some training.

Wind the clock forward then about 10 years, when I'd be working in business, I'd left the forces, I had left the army, and I had actually had some training in doing presentations, but somewhere in that time, between being able to speak to strangers in a meeting room and welcome them, and greet them, to this point 10 years later on, I created something that stopped me from actually standing up and presenting. And it wasn't something physical. It was something that happened between that and there and this bit in the middle that we call the mind. But I created this fear myself, this failure that lasted probably for another 20, 25 years. That meant that when I still sat in front of one of a Webcam, I was absolutely petrified.

It was only when I did my training in neuro linguistic programming, and hypnotherapy, where I was able to actually get rid of that fear.

So it is possible.

So what I want you to do is think about what life was like before you had this problem. Because it's something that somewhere along the line has been created. It's not a physical thing.

And then what I want you to do is I want you to drop the feedback in the comments below and tell me about the experience. Or if it’s something other than public speaking or doing video because it's something that we can help you with.

But it's also something I want to run a masterclass for is how do you get rid of these fears that are stopping you from achieving what you want in your business? So drop your comments in the comment section below and I look forward to seeing you and speaking with you on our next session, which will be a week today. 

More Video Results


Hi, it's Chris here and I just wanted to shoot a quick video because there's an awful lot of business owners that I see doing stuff on Facebook, on LinkedIn, and they're all talking about the fear of going live on video.

I wanted to do this video just as a, almost a self-testimonial to show you what you can achieve, because around five years ago, I was absolutely petrified and the thought of doing this completely freaked me out.

Yes, you'll have seen a post from me about the fact that I could present to. groups of 50 or 60 people, and the thought of doing this in front of a live camera absolutely petrified me.

It was on my NLP Master Practitioner Training that I overcame that fear.

And what I can do now is help you overcome that fear.

You just need to get in touch with me though. And it's amazing how powerful this can be,

because the technique I use isn't just confined to video.

I've helped people get over a fear of flying,

helped people quit smoking, fear of heights, and fear of passing a driving

test, would you believe it?

So, if you really want to get over that fear and go live on video, then

just get in touch with me and let's have a conversation and start you on that journey.

Overcoming the Fear

Of course, if you really want to over the fear of doing live video then you have to take action.

Just imagine how it would be if....

  • you banish the fear of facing the camera once and for all
  • you could stand confidently and positively and speak live to camera
  • you could eliminate the disempowering belief that you can't face the camera live


with my help and support record your fist live video.

I'm running a special offer of a one hour Power Video session with my over zoom for just £99 to achieve help you banish the fear of video and do your fist live to camera session.

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