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Work Life Balance Myths: Myth #2 – Your family will be happy while you put your business first

11 1 In the first article in the series, we introduced the idea that work life balance is seen as something of a “holy Grail”  and that working longer and longer hours just to keep your head above the water, is keeping everyone happy except yourself.Work Life Balance Myth #2: Your family will be happy whilst you put […]

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Work Life Balance Myths: Myth #1 – You can’t run a business and have a social life.

Are you one of those managers who is constantly being told about work life balance? You know, where you’re expected to juggle long work hours, ever increasing targets and family life, keeping everyone happy in the process including yourself?11 You are, well have you also noticed how everyone talks about work life balance as though it’s the […]

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Success and Achievement: Why you should never pursue success and achievement as a goal

Are you one of those people who strive for success and achievement, yet the goal that you crave, always seems to elude you?You are, great because you’re in good company. Most people that I meet are striving to achieve goals in one way or another. The big myth though, is that pursuing achievement or success as a […]

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3 Big Success and Achievement Sapping Mistakes – Mistake #1: Letting the past dictate your future

In the first article in this series we looked at the big success and achievement myth. That myth was that the pursuit of success as a goal is achievable.  Success and achievement are such abstract and undefinable concepts that pursuing them as an outcome is too vague and woolly for the mind to grab hold […]

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