What We Do? - Harper Hallett Consulting

Programme Management

Change in any business is one of life's certainties.

The Virtual Programme Director will work with you to ensure that your Strategic Plan can be delivered by prioritising which projects you should be run and when they should be run, based on a tailored process. 

Our simple and easy to implement Project Management Process, based on industry standards will ensure that those projects are delivered on time adding maximum value to your business.

Outsourced Project Delivery

 Our FIxed Priced Delivery Model ensure that even if the there are delays your project budget is protected.

Our pricing model is based on effort rather than days worked or elapsed time.

Process Improvement

How you engage with your stakeholders, how you deliver your projects and how you manage project teams should be understood by your team, documented and streamlined.

Our innovative Project Delivery workshop will support your project delivery by eliminating inefficiency, reducing delays and lowering the cost of change.

Training, Coaching and Support

Your Project Teams and Stakeholders are the lifeblood of your projects.

Our qualified Achievement Coach will work with you initially to understand your training needs and then deliver a range of innovative training solutions. These will ensure that your organisation has the right skills to support your ongoing development and growth.