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What To do When We Lose Our Heroes (Take Action)

take control of your futureIt’s always sad when our heroes pass on to greater things and the real question is what can we take away from their death.

As we come to the close of 2016 I’ve heard the news that one of my musical heroes has passed away, the legendary Greg Lake. Greg was in the original line up of King Crimson and then the supergroup of Emerson Lake and Palmer. Earlier this year we also saw the passing of Keith Emerson, both musical geniuses faced their own battles.

After battling with physical problems that limited Keith’s ability to perform at the high-test level, stemming from years of hammering out his virtuoso and distinctive style of Progressive Rock keyboard playing, he was then (allegedly) plagued by depression and took his own life.

Greg Lake succumbed to the dreaded cancer and whilst we must speculate, he did have a smoking habit lasting many years.

Whilst we shouldn’t consider profiting from these sad turns of events we should all remember our own mortality and do 3 things.

  1. Take Control of your Mindset.
    Developing your Mindset can have a massive impact on your physical health as it’s the brain that send the electronic signals to our muscles, enabling us to move and take action. Whilst I’m no medical doctor, it’s my personal belief that this can have a massive contribution in preventing dark days, misery and depression.
  2. Live now and in the present.
    Life is not a rehearsal and unless you know different, we only get one chance. Live every second as it its your last and make every second count, it’s precious. Why not read the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
  3. Take Control Of Your Future.
    Although the past shapes us it doesn’t define us. Take control and shape the future into exactly the one that you want.

No matter what problems we face in life, the fear of the solution is far greater than the fear of the problem itself.


Chris Hallett

Chris is a Project Management Consultant and after over 25 years of running Project, Programmes & PMO has now turned his attention to helping other Project Professionals build high performing project teams. As an author, speaker and coach Chris has worked with many people one a 1-1 basis as well as in corporate life. To book a 1-1 Success call with Chris, go to: https://harperhallettconsulting.co.uk/contact/

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