How We Work? - Harper Hallett Consulting

How We Work?


Once we have a mutually agreed proposal, we work in one of three ways, or a blended mixture of the three depending on what we have agreed.


Our Consulting offer means on site delivery, where we deliver an agreed set of deliverables for a fixed price. Quite often those deliverables are repeatable as the work is cyclical. For example Agile Coaching. In ever case we have an agreed set of priced deliverables that we deliver against.


We provide training in the following areas: Agile for Teams, Agile Overview, Agile Exec Briefing, The Agile MindSet or Mindfulness.

Training can either be tailored and delivered specifically to your organisation, either you premises or at agreed location. Periodically, we run a number of public courses both online and in person at an agreed location. Please check our public course schedule for more information.

Coaching and Support

Training is only complete once you teams are self sufficient and able to manage by themselves. By agreement, we provide and decreasing coaching and support service to ensure that your implementation, post training is successful.


Before we engage in any work we need an agreed proposal and that starts with a 30 minute KickStart Call.

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