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Did you choose your career (or did it choose you)?

Let me start with asking you, “why do you do what you do”?

Was it a conscious choice or was it accidental?

It’s probably a strange question to most of you, yet it’s one I often find myself answering without being asked it directly.

But then you might have fallen into a job that you never planned or imagined, and it definitely isn’t what you set out to do?

Is that a fair statement or did you choose your career?

Ok, let’s look at two very different examples of career choice.

Chris’s Story (The Accountant)

Take Chris, (another one); he is a 27yr old accountant and after excelling at A levels, and a BA in History from Cambridge, his father found him a job in the same firm that he worked in, and now, after much hard work, Chris is a Chartered Account.

He earns good money yet despises his job, for that is what it is, a job. Do the hours, collect the salary and go home.

He is deeply unhappy, bordering on being miserable and trapped in a soul-destroying job, that he despises. I know that because he is a family friend.

Georgina’s Story (The Historian)

Now let’s look Georgina, she did well at A Levels too, completed her classics degree, followed it with a masters in ancient history and is now living her dream, in a job as an event manager in the heritage sector. She is following her calling to work in heritage and history, she works long hours, is poorly paid and loves doing what she does. Being anything else, tied to a desk in a soulless job would stifle her and mentally destroy her, just as it has Chris.

The Big Question?

So, the big question is, are you doing a job or following your calling, your passion or vision of what you planned to do?

Did you even have a plan, because most people don’t.

So back to by question, “why do you do what you do”?

In my case, when anyone looks over my career as a Project Management professional and consultant, they ask “how did you become a hypnotherapist”?

It probably appears a strange choice to most Project professionals, yet they co-habit very happily and make perfect sense to me and I’ll go into more depth in the next issue.

The Big Problem (The Pursuit of Happiness)

Have you ever pursued happiness at work as a goal or the elusive work/life balance? If you have my guess is that you are still pursuing it. The chances are that if you are you are, you’re in an occupation you fell into or would rather be doing something else.

Why? Because both happiness and work/life balance are a futile pursuit as as a goal. They  both come about as a result of something much deeper, the actions you take that drive the goals themselves.

Life is about The Choice

All too often I hear, “but I had no choice”! Let’s get one thing straight, tough as it might sound, everything we do is by choice, no one can make you do anything against your will. You might be unhappy with the consequences of that choice however it’s still, your choice.

How to get Started (and live the dream)

So here is my No1 tip that will start you on the path to having an occupation enabling you to follow that dream. That tip is to define your purpose or calling.

Many of you reading this will read this and think, well that all sounds so easy, yeah, just reinvent yourself, like it’s as easy as 123.

Your next Success Steps

Well I’ve been fortunate to have some great mentors and advisors, and so you can too. All you have to do is take that small step and book a success call with me and I’ll explain how, just as easy as 123.

Oh, and by the way, that success call is FREE, it's on me to get you started, here's the link:



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