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The Productivity Show #4: The Fear of Change

The TranscriptEnter your 00:01                            Hello everybody, and welcome to this week’s productivity show. And this week we’re talking about the fear of change. And it’s a changing time of year here in England. It’s a beautiful spring day, a sun shining. And so we’re coming out of, uh, the winter, uh, merging into spring and everybody […]

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Email Productivity Tips

Video Transcript00:00                            Hello and good evening to you all and a warm welcome to the productivity show. And if you were with us last week, you’ll know that this show is all designed about helping you become more productive and efficient in your business and helping you to deliver product and value to your customers […]

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Goal Setting For Project Managers

How many project managers follow a structured goal setting approach for their project? In other words, how many project managers turn their deliverables and deadlines, into achievable goals? In my experience over the last 25 years, it’s very few and, if they did set goals, they would stand much more chance of delivering their project on […]

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Managing Change: 3 Reasons Why PMO Procedures aren’t adopted

As a PMO Manager, have you ever struggled to get your Project Managers and Project Teams to change and adopt new ways of working? It’s a common thing, that the PMO designs a new methodology and then Project Managers are reluctant to adopt them. Whether, it’s a new tool, new reports or new procedures, the problem is […]

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RAG Status Reporting

In this video, I’ll explain why and how Project Managers often report the wrong Project RAG status and introduce the Watermelon RAG status. If you prefer to read, there is a slight;y edited transcript below the video. play Video TranscriptIt’ s Chris Hallett here from Chris Hallett training and Harper Hallett Consulting and in this video, […]

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