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Work To Live Or Live To Work, Which One Are You?

Freedom Seekers Mini Manifesto

Are you a Freedom Seeker, and  work to live, a Profit Seeker, living to work, or maybe you're a Job Seeker, seeking fulfilment, happiness and job satisfaction.

"The really big question are you achieving any of those or just kidding yourselves?"

Most Business Executives, and that means Business Owners and Manager/Directors that I speak with fall into one of three camps, they work to live, live to work or a seeking a career move.

The Profit Seeker

increase profit

Profit Seekers are usually self-employed, financially driven business owners. They work long hours at the expense of their family and personal life.

Whilst pursuing the financial goals that drive them, they might just find that life has passed them by, their friends no longer know them and when they walk into the house at night the kids might just say,

"Who are you"?

In reality, very few Profit Seekers ever hit their financial targets, yet still pursue the goal without knowing why that big goal and financial freedom is ever elusive.

The Freedom Seeker

work to live

The Freedom Seeker puts their life first and whilst they want financial independence, they treasure life more, and really do want to work to live life.

They have a good range of social activities and value their business or career, however one thing that stops them from achieving their Life of Freedom and being to work to live is a misplaced motivation to achieve their goal of Freedom.

The Job Seeker

job seeker

The Job Seeker is usually employed and is seeking to develop their career or change their job.

Money is often a motivating factor as is job satisfaction, however very few job seekers ever know the real underlying reason for their desire to change.

Often they encapsulate the Profit Seeker, being financially driven ​and wanting to work to live life on their terms, however, right now their career is more important.

Which one are you and more importantly what do you want to be?

How to Start To Work To Live?

live your dream

Take the Freedom Seeker Quiz and as well as determining where your priorities lie, there are some additional FREE resources for you at the end.

You can kick start your journey at

When not running Programme Offices Chris Hallett is an Achievement Coach that specialises in helping Business Owners achieve their profit goals, create a Life of Freedom and is also a Master Hypnotherapist. And of course whilst business and helping others are important, what matters most to Chris, is being able to work to live and his Life of Freedom.

To discuss your needs further then get in touch with Chris directly

Chris Hallett

Chris is a Project Management Consultant and after over 25 years of running Project, Programmes & PMO has now turned his attention to helping other Project Professionals build high performing project teams. As an author, speaker and coach Chris has worked with many people one a 1-1 basis as well as in corporate life. To book a 1-1 Success call with Chris, go to:

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