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Can a Professional Project Manager Avoid Stress?

Fear of Stress

When reading a recent discussion on Linkedin about stress, I was astounded at the responses.

The question asked, and all of the responses were about how to manage it rather than prevent it. 

This for me is tackling the wrong end of the problem and that as Project Managers, we should be avoiding it in the first place.

So can Professional Project Manager avoid stress completely?

It’s my belief that you can and here is why, and 3 tips to help you avoid it in the first place.

Why are Project Managers suffering "Stress”?

why stress

There are many reasons why people exhibit the symptoms of stress.

These range from being unable to cope with their workload, being in the wrong job, being bullied and often just and the pressure of work. Ultimately though, it is a behaviour that they choose to have.

What is Stress?

There are many definitions of stress. The on I prefer is:

truth of stress
Stress is our inability to deal with people, events and the circumstances connecting both of those.

So let’s look at three ways that you as a professional project manager can avoid stress in the first place.

Look after your MindSet.


I often hear people say that you should keep a positive MindSet and have a positive mental attitude and that’s a great start.

What really makes a difference though is proactively developing and managing your MindSet.

Maintain a healthy Life/Work balance


Life/Work balance (I prefer the emphasis to be on life rather than work) is a pointless goal to achieve its own right. What is more important is to have different areas of our life that are important to us meaning that our life is balanced and of course our work, business and career is part of that.


In the course of my work I meet so many people who are (doing stress) also that they find it difficult to relax. One of the best ways to relax is through breathing and self-meditation.

Remember You Always Have a Choice

work life balance time

On a recent assignment the Head of Programme Office said to me:

“Why are you never stressed”?

I simply replied “because I refuse to do it, why would I choose to be stressed”? He looked stunned and remain silent.

Given that each and every one of us is in control of our own minds then “being stressed” is a choice that we make.

Perception is Projection


There is an ancient Hawaiian philosophy that is the route of one of the pillars of the Achievement MindSet and that is that what we get back from the universe is only what we project onto it.

The more we project symptoms of stress the more stress we will attract.

So yes it is my belief that stress can be avoided rather than managed and I’d love to hear your views on stress in the workplace particularly for Project Managers. 

Stress is easily avoidable in any walk of life and you start your stress free journey with a 1-1 Personal Discovery Session with me.

Chris Hallett is a Master Practitioner of NLP and Time Line Therapy qualified Master Coach and Master Hypnotherapist. He is certified by the American Board of NLP, the American Board of Hypnotherapy and the Time Line Therapy Association. Chris is available for 1-1 coaching and training as well as in house training courses for you organisation.

Chris Hallett

Chris is a Project Management Consultant and after over 25 years of running Project, Programmes & PMO has now turned his attention to helping other Project Professionals build high performing project teams. As an author, speaker and coach Chris has worked with many people one a 1-1 basis as well as in corporate life. To book a 1-1 Success call with Chris, go to:

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