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Can a Professional Project Manager Avoid Stress?

When reading a recent discussion on Linkedin about stress, I was astounded at the responses.  The question asked, and all of the responses were about how to manage it rather than prevent it.  This for me is tackling the wrong end of the problem and that as Project Managers, we should be avoiding it in the […]

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Habits; 3 Reasons Why You Should Banish Bad Ones

We’ve all been there before, the realisation that we have an unwanted bad habits; nail-biting, a nervous cough, tapping your fingers and even smoking.  The big question is what you can do about it?Why Change habits (The Driver)The bigger question is why you should get rid of unwanted habits. Well that’s something very personal to […]

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3 Mistakes Every Smoker Makes

Are you a seasoned smoker who wants to quit? You are, then watch this short video that shows you 3 habits that smokers make that keeps them as smokers and stops them from quitting.This short video is part of a wider training that you can nw get free. Just Go to to:

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Three Work-Life Balance Issues That Hold You Back

Welcome to my Facebook live show.  What I want to talk to you today is about the three simplest issues that hold most newbie project managers back when trying to achieve a sensible work-life balance. Work-life balance itself is a complete myth and in fact, I prefer to refer to it as life-work balance. And […]

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Time Management: How To Avoid Settling For Second Best

​Are you one of those Project Managers who are focussed on time management and want to avoid settling for second best? Are you constantly pursuing a sensible work-life balance? Well if you are here is a top tip for you, avoid The Settle. The Settle is your Plan B, your contingency. In other words, what you will settle […]

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