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Habits; 3 Reasons Why You Should Banish Bad Ones

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We’ve all been there before, the realisation that we have an unwanted bad habits; nail-biting, a nervous cough, tapping your fingers and even smoking.

The big question is what you can do about it?

Why Change habits (The Driver)

The bigger question is why you should get rid of unwanted habits. Well that’s something very personal to you so here are three reasons why?

Reason #1: The Bigger Issue

All too often bad habits hide a much bigger and deeper problem, like smoking. Many smokers say that their habit helps them relax and avoid stress which in itself can be hiding a multitude of other problems. Stress is often a symptom of sleep problems, drink problems, eating disorders, working excessive hours. All of those problems (and more) can in themselves be hiding even bigger problem.

Reason #2: The Health Benefit

The health benefit of banishing unwanted habits are countless. For example nail-biting. As well as being irritating to those around you, who knows what germs are on your fingers and what effect there will have on your health such as infection or disease which may also cause a bigger problem, absence from work.

Reason #3: Financial Freedom

The financial benefits of banishing unwanted habits are twofold, one the benefit to you, the individual who will benefit financially from quitting smoking, drinking less, eating less chocolate or crisps. The second beneficiary is your business. Eliminating the habit means less time away from your desk to ‘serve’ your habit leading to higher productivity for your employer, or your business if you are self-employed.

The Bottom Line

No problem, be it a genuine business problem that needs solving or an unwanted habits (or the benefit) exist in isolation, they are all inextricably linked. One of the best ways to overcome unwanted habits is to get help and you can get help and join in the discussion at our Facebook discussion group



p.s Remember you can always have a 1-1 private discussion with me on a discovery session.


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